2021 Event Recordings

6 – 8 April 2021

Ipswich Showgrounds

Ipswich Event Centre

81 Warwick Road

Ipswich QLD 4305






MONDAY APRIL 5th, 2021

6pm – Prayer Meeting



10am – Pastor Lewis Taylor (USA) [View here]

2pm – Evangelist Jim De Busch (QLD) [View here]

6pm – Pastor Mark Goldwire (USA) [View here]



10am – Pastor Mark Goldwire (Leadership Conference Watch LIVE or Leadership Conference In Person (QLD) [View here]

2pm – Pastor Venus De Busch (Women of the Cross Ministries – Women only) (QLD) [View here]

6pm – Pastor Lewis Taylor (USA) [View here]



10am – Pastor Lewis Taylor (USA) [View here]

2pm – Evangelist Jim De Busch (QLD) [View here]

6pm – Pastor Mark Goldwire (USA) [View here]



ZOOM: Meeting ID: 937 620 3862 | Passcode: 5fcsAh | Facebook LIVE Streaming available here



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in Ipswich, Qld Australia


Recommended Accommodation


Quest Hotel (very close to the showgrounds)

$146 per night

57-63 Warwick Road

Ipswich Qld 4305

Map and Directions

Call:  07 3813 6000  OR click here to book


Best Western Ipswich Heritage Motor Inn

$135 per night

51 – 55 Warwick Road

Ipswich Qld 4305

Map and Directions

Call: 07 3202 3111 OR click here to book



Pastor Mark Goldwire, USA (video conferencing)

Evangelist/Pastor Mark Goldwire, is Senior Pastor of Fruits of Righteousness Church in Kentucky USA.  Bro. Mark is an anointed preacher of the Gospel and he has also studied at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College.  Bro Mark has preached in Kenya and New Zealand, now to include Australia.


Evangelist/Pastor Lewis Taylor, USA (video conferencing)

The Taylor Brothers Logan and Lewis are from West Virginia.  The Message of the Cross Ministries International Network is affiliated with Bro. Lewis Taylor.  Bro Lewis is both the founder and lead Pastor at Send The Rain Ministries. Bro. Lewis, through the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, sings, teaches, and preaches the Word of God without compromise. He is committed to seeing souls Saved and lives changed by the Power of Almighty God. He desires to see this world touch with the Full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. An alumni of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, Bro. Lewis is an ordained Minister through World Evangelism Fellowship.

Bro. Logan Taylor, Send The Rain Ministries Music/Band Director, Gospel music recording artist Pianist/Keyboardist.


Evangelist/Pastors Venus and Louise De Busch, QLD

Pastors Venus and Louise De Busch (mother and daughter). Both are Evangelists/Pastors of The Message of the Cross Ministries International Network, founded in 2018 by the two Aboriginal women, a mother and daughter Venus and Louise De Busch from Cloncurry, Queensland. With a ministry of evangelism the network was established, they now head the local fellowship Family Worship Centre Ipswich (TMOTC) who is affiliated with Send The Rain Ministries. In 2019, they established the yearly ‘The Cross of Christ Revival Rally Australia’ and they also established The Message of the Cross Indigenous Corporation & Crossfire Support Services, a not-for-profit charity organisation in the heart of Ipswich, Qld opening the doors in May 2020 and expanding gracefully.


Evangelist Jim De Busch, NSW

Evangelist Jim De Busch, NSW. Jim is the son of Pastor Venus and brother of Pastor Louise De Busch born and raised in Cloncurry, Queensland. Bro Jim lives and works in Maules Creek NSW with his wife Sarah Jane and their four children.  He ministers via social media platforms with Family Worship Centre Ipswich (TMOTC) and continues reaching the unsaved and teach Christ crucified 1 Cor 1:23 KJV.



If you are coming as a group family/church you can pre-book ahead, however your seats will be cancelled 1/2 hour after the service commences if seats are not taken.  To register your booking please Register.