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Charity Crossfire Auction

From time to time we are raising money to purpose key equipment and meet our operational costs to continue to open our doors to children and their family.

Next auction to be advised!



Crossfire Support Services operates under the umbrella of The Message of the Cross Indigenous Corporation, a registered Aboriginal Community Controlled organization based in Ipswich Queensland, operating since 2020. Crossfire Support Services works in the local area to help with community development initiatives, primarily through short-term and long-term projects and operates solely on our giving program, fundraising efforts, with a small team of culturally diverse employees and volunteers. Overall, we aim to help people in crisis by meeting their immediate needs where they are at.


The aim of Crossfire Support Services is to meet basic needs to foster a diverse range of activities to promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles and community well-being of participants, who are in crisis. Delivered by increasing their engagement by way offering discounted household items, food assist and soup kitchens; as we do believe, no one should have to go without the essentials, to address health outcomes.


The primary objective is to provide a safe space to case manage individual participants with a strong emphasis on identifying immediate needs in a culturally sensitive, caring and supportive environment.


• Greater family participation in public programs
• Increase engagement of community members in their own health outcomes
• Creation of physical safe spaces to support reintegration of local social support service environments, fostering the transfer and sharing of knowledge around household budgets
• Participants will be able to make informed decisions regarding their lives and will be able to better manage their situations more effectively with the skills they learn from the activities delivered
• Connection to support services to ensure they are supported and maintained


Crossfire Op Shop | Food Assist | Soup Kitchen

Located: Shop 3 & 5, 7 Bell Street, Bell Arcade, PO Box 567, Ipswich Qld 4305

Telephone: 07 3088 9665 | Email:

Opening Hours:
Monday 9am – 3pm
Tuesday 9am – 3pm
Wednesday 9am – 3pm
Thursday 9am – 3pm
Friday 9am – 3pm
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays







Providing local pre-loved clothing and household goods at $2 or less, especially through COVID19 economic struggles on our community members.  Crossfire Op Shop also has a bookshop, for a list of books refer to our website.

Payment options available remain via Centrepay, cash or Eftpos.

For emergency food assistance, Crossfire has establish their own CARE Retail Store consisting of discount prices.  You must be a membership to shop from the store.  $35 yearly membership applies and a price list is available to select your items.

Shopping Lists are available at the store (Prices change weekly) – Prepare plan what you need & cost up how much.

If you require further assistance, if you are experiencing money issues and need help to prepare a budget, or family domestic violence, homelessness, whitegoods and beds etc, and CARE packs, our team of Chaplains maybe able to assist – Book Now

Payment options available remain via Centrepay, cash or Eftpos.


Crossfire Soup Kitchen

Under construction.


Crossfire Social Support Program

The Message of the Cross Indigenous Corporation aims to provide fee-for-service supports to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and other Australians who require counselling, and face-to-face support. Includes culturally-appropriate support.
Also, in partnership with *Ipswich Foodbarn, Compassion for Community Ministries will assess the needs of local community members who are in need of the household furniture items.
If you require any type of supports? *
* Beds
* Microwave
* Fridge
* Table and Chairs
*Side tables
Money issues and need help to prepare a budget
If you are experiencing a domestic and family violence situation or homelessness you must be referred by an Agency to receive one of our Crossfire CARE PACKS, and here is some extra helps.
The Crossfire CARE PACKS are also packed and provided by CityHope CARE!
Make time to speak with our team of Chaplains or Counselors Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm)- Book Now

Crossfire’s Indigenous Perpretrators Ownership Initiative

Our services aim to eliminate self-destructive behaviour by meeting the need of the whole person, not only dealing with re-offending domestic and family violence behaviour, but also rebuilding their self-image, work ethic, spiritual awareness and relationships.


We aim to provide a safe space to Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander perpetrators to build skill sets and help them implement localised responses to domestic and family violence situations. This will be done in a way that honors both traditional Aboriginal supports and contemporary Western knowledge systems, tobe achieved with the support of collaborators from services based in Ipswich region.


How do we do it


Jim’s House is The Message of the Cross Indigenous Corporation’s (TMOTCic) residential rehabilitation homes, based in a peaceful setting in Ipswich, Queensland. Jim’s House aims to operate two separate facilities for both men and women. The house caters for men aged 18-65 years. The house caters for women aged 18-65 years.

Jim’s House takes a holistic approach to address the
perpetrator issues of domestic and family violence. Ourservices are informed by current best practice andoperate within a Christian values framework.

We provide a safe and supportive environment where
men and women can focus on their recovery and move towards a positive, domestic and family violence-free future. We aim to meet the needs of the whole person; not only dealing with the violence but also targeting the underlying issues that contribute to a person’s issues.

Participants are referred to as ‘clients’, and the program is voluntary in nature and we will only accept agency referrals.


We aim to help provide one on one supports by way of facilitating access to services such as medical, mental health, housing, alcohol and drug services, cultural and legal services. The program assists men and women with practical living skills and encouragement to make positive choices in their own life. The service will also help reconnect residents with family when appropriate and help rebuild broken relationships. The goal is that a stay at Jim’s House or will equip residents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to live independently and access appropriate support ongoing.



We will only accept agency referrals, and here is some extra helps.
Make time to speak with our team of Chaplains or Counselors Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm)- Book Now

Fee for Service

  • General Counselling $100 (no GST) per hour (applies to key agencies)
  • Family Counselling $180 (no GST) per hour (applies to key agencies)
  • Marriage Counselling $180 (no GST) per hour (applies to key agencies)
  • Work Experience/Training & Rehabilitation $250 per placement for a period of minimum of 4 weeks – 6 months (applies to key agencies)
  • SPERS Hardship Program – through Work and development orders this allow people in hardship to resolve their eligible debt with us by working with an approved community organisation or a financial or health practitioner. This might be through participation in:
    • unpaid work.

    These orders help people who can’t pay their debt due to:

    • financial hardship
    • mental illness
    • domestic and family violence
    • homelessness
    • intellectual and cognitive disability
    • substance-use disorder.

    Rates start at $30 per hour, and they can reduce their debt by up to $1,000 per month.

Any concerns, or questions please call our office on 07 3088 9665 or email our intake team at

Other supports

Use Ask Izzy to find nearby shelters, housing, food, health care and homeless information.

Find the help you need, now and nearby

Search over 370,000 support services



Ipswich Drop In Translink Initiative

The aim of the initiative to encourage those who are struggling and homeless to connect for a free latte or cappuccino and a conversation and act as a referral to appropriate services.

Drop in for a free latte or cappuccino and a yarn, read a book or newspapers while drinking your cuppa!

To become a sponsor of our Drop-In Initiative!  This is an opportunity to promote your business!    Download here for a copy of your Information Pack.

Crossfire Posters, Brochures and Flyers to download

Crossfire Full Program Poster (A3, A4, A5 coloured copies available by downloading your copies) (new posters coming)


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Payment Options

We accept in store Eftpos, Centrepay (clothing & food only), cash or bank transfer more details below, add a reference: [surname]



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Our Giving Program

Our Giving Program


ABN: 74 845 764 368

The Message of the Cross Indigenous Corporation is a registered charity ACNC – 74845764368.  DGR endorsement allows Crossfire Support Services donors to receive tax relief for donations over $2.

Crossfire Support Services respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and work.  We pay our deepest respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  Our growth and development would not have been possible without the support of the diverse and culturally rich communities we service.  We walk together!