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From time to time, we get heaps of donations and these include books.  So, here we have a list of books for the eager readers.

1. Silent Witness Defined Who God says you are 2

2. Devotions for quite time Tommy Chupp

3. Come Holy Spirit

4. Smitten Rachael Hale

5. Gospel Graffiti Theresa Greenwood

6. Every Abundance Toni Sortor

7. Humphreys Jungle Adventure Richardson North Patterson

8. Happy Ever After Nora Roberts

9. Captial Offense Barbara Mikulski

10 . Two sides of the moon David Scott

11. The Gangland John Silvester

12. Reaper Graham Hurley

13. Rebel Bernard Cornwell

14. Absolute Friends John Lecarre

15. Adam Empire Evan Green

16. The Debt Collector Lynn High towear

17. IM Premium Robert Harris

18. The Twisted Sword Michael Secks

19. Restoration Rose Tremain

20. The Cabinet of Cariosities Lincoln

21. Official Scrabble 3 Reedition

22. Inspiration Sally Hunter

23. Friendship

24. The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Graham25.

25. The Sheperd Oseph F. Girzone

26. Home where I belong B.S Thormas

27. The Conness English Dictionary

28. Hugs for Sisters Philis Boulting House

29. Lovin Choughs Helen stener Rise

30. Lost for words Hugh Lunn

31. My Utmost for his highest Oswald Chambers

32. Stories that heal Racheal Naomi Remend, MD

33. Thank You King James James Hastings

34. Beyond Eden Catharine Coulter

35. Rogue Fabio

36. Jade Island IRF S Johansen

37. Dark Rider Elizabeth Lowell

38. Midnight Lamp Glutneth Jones

39. Pyramid Tom Martin

40. Secret Soldier Robert Rosenberg

41. The Macgregor Grooms Nora Roberts

42. The Jerico Pact Rachel Lee

43. Twilight before Christmas Christine Fee Han

44. Heart Stone Philip M. Margolin

45. The fire people Alexander Cordell

46. The wind Dancer Iris Johansen

47. Only You Elisabeth Lowell

48. The Boat Das Boot Reader digest

49. The Cartographer Peter Two hig

50. Barcelona Calling Jane Kirkpatrick

51. Bradman’s of the bush Ken Piessea Alf Wilson

52. Air Frame Michael Crichton

53. Fortune Cookie Bryce Counter Nay

54. Jeweling the North Tricia stranger

55. Flesh and Blood Patricia Cornwell

56. Remember Day Herry Porter

57. Outlander Diana Gabaldon

58. The Valley of Amazement Amyia

59. Desert Rogues Susan Mallery

60. XLI Reader Digest

61. The Crucify Killer Chris

62. Cater

63. Hidden Bodies Caroline Kephes

64. The Heir Johanna Lindsey

65. Midweight Bayou Nora Robert

66. Davin and Shane Nora Roberts

67. Say you Love me Johanna Lindsey

68. Heart of thunder Johanna Lindsey

69. Once a princess Johanna Lindsey

70. The present Johanna Lindsey

71. Angel Johanna Lindsey

72. When Love A waits Johanna Lindsey

73. The outlaws Connie Mason

74. So Speaks the Heart Johnanna Lindsey

75. Viking Connie Mason

76. Beyond the Horizon Connie Mason

77. For Honors Sake Connie Mason

78. A taste of paradise Connie Mason

79. To Tame a Renegade Connie Mason

80. Pendragon Catharine Coulter

81. Night storm Catharine Coulter

82. Midnight Star Catharine Coulter

83. The Sherbrooke Bride Catharine Coulter

84. The Heiress Bride Catharine Coulter

85. Food for Life Michael Van Straten

86. Facts and Figures Karen Daly

87. Lion Bride Nora Roberts

88. The Macmade Brothers Nora Roberts

89. Sorcerer Ruth Owen

90. The warrior Fayrene Preston

91. Promise Me forever Cara Miles

92. Sheik Connie Mason

93. Creole Bride Deborah Martin

94. Bellas Run Margareta Osborn

95. The nightles Song Johnanna Power

96. Indego Blue Catharine Anderson

97. Windfall Penny Vincenzi

98. Untamed Elizabeth Lowell

99. Zambe Tony Park

100.Love Tangle Helen Towsend

101.The Out Laws sess Connie Mason

102. idnight Ruby Bayou Elisabeth Lowell

103.False Pretenses Catharine Coulter

104.Test of Item Jayne Ann Krentz

105.Only Mine Elisabeth Lowell

106. Silver Linings Jayne Ann Krentz

107.One Summer at the farm

108.The secret Speech Tom Rob Smyth

109.Fateful Choices Ian Kershaw

110.The Finkler Question Howard Jacobson

111.My beloved Son Catherine Cookson

112.Sweet little lies Lauren Conrad

113.Midnight Warrior Iris Johansen

114.Be the pack Leader Cesar Millan

115.The Foucault of my reader Paul Rainbow

116.Hearts aflame Johanna Lindsey

117.Learn about Insects

118.The gift Dannielle Steal

119.A Secret Love Stephanie Laurens

120Seriously I’m Kidding Ellen DeGeneres

121.The perfect lover Stephine Laurens

122.Living somewhere between strogen death Barbara Laurens

123.The traveler of macro polo

124.Not quite nice Celia Imrle

125.Key of Knowledge Nora Roberts

126.Angles Gate Gary Crew

127.The magic of you Johanna Lindsey

128.Surrender to the jury Connie Mason

129.The shock doctrine Naomi Klein

130.Golden Ace Detective Stories

131.The complete book of chiness horoscopes Lori Reid

132.The select F. Paul Wilson

133.Breaker Morant F. M. Cutlack

134.Bunnings Australians Gardener

135. Soft Toys Sue Quinn

136.Pieces of her Karin slaughter

137.Have a new kid by Friday Margaret Fulton

138.The great cooks of Australia cookbooks Margaret Fulton

139.Rachael Treasure Jillaroo

140.The new International best seller Fredrick Forster

141.The cobra

142.The Hospital by the River Dr Catharine Hamlin

143.Kids My This busted Emily Krieger

144.Hard Girls Marina cole

145. The girls guide to predators Alison Summers

146.Tour own kind of girl Clare Bowdich

147.You can heal your life Louis L. Hay

148.Shadow of the heart Tracey Grant

149.Consent to kill Vince Flynn

150.My soul to take Steve Morgan

151.Arogue of my own Johanna Lindsey

152.The visitor Lee child

153.You can heal your life Louis L. Hay

154.Rise sister rise Rebecca Campbell

155.Mad about the earl Christina Brook

156.Nineteen minutes Jodi Picoult

157. One thousand gifts Ann Voskamp

158.L’ is for lawless Sue Grafton

159.Meditations to heal your life Louise L hay

160.All is well Louise L Hay

161.The twentieth century bestsellers Robert Ludlum

162.The ambassador Morris west

163.Valley of the white gold Tony PARSONS

164.Truly madly Manhattan Norah Roberts

165.he street Lawer John Grisham

166.Family Baggage Monica McInerny

167.Scarlet Feather Maeve Binchy

168.The Altman code Robert Ludlum

169.Rising Tides Nora Roberts

170.Heaven and earth Nora Roberts

171.The wedding Julie Garwood

172.he greenstone grace Amanda Heminc way

173.Piele of my heart Peter Robinson

174.Face the fire Nora Roberts

175.Being a bad girl Julia Cohen 176.Aliterary Heritage Henry Lawson

177.Ultimate Food Shopping Guide Weight Watchers

178.Low Fat Food Fast Lee Gold

179.Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty

180.Practical Dictionary Of Music Theory Sandy Feldstein

181.Cockatiels Annette Wolter

182.Summers With Juliette Emily Madde

183.Cockatiels John Coborn

184.Full Of Wisdom, Hope, and Redemption Cathy Kelly

185.Patchwork Lynette Mostaghimi


187.Everything Origami

188.Knitting and Crochet Designs in Knitting Cotton

189.Paton Swift A Knit Botany Wool.

190.Baby Knitting

191.Teddy Bear

192.Stunning Country Craft

193.The Complete Book of Australian Weather Richard Whitaker

194.Hot wheels Demo Attack Marvel

195.Hello Peter Rabbit

196.Spider- Man Far From Home Marvel

197.My Book Of Bible Books

198.4 Ingredients 2

199.Little Winter Cook Book Family Circle

200.Easy Recipes

201.The Brightest Star Kitty Fross

202.Talk Back Trash and Treasure on the Air Stephanie Marsden

203.How To Fill The Time

204. Charlle and Company Coloring

205.Brice And The Other Selections

206.Jo Trees And Other Selections

207.Looney Tunes

208.Mungo And The Picture Book Pirates Timothy Knapman

209.The New Adventure Of Winnie The Pooh Stripes Disney

210.Children Just Like Me. Kent Patron

211.Wild Animals Believe It Or Not Reply’s

212.Out In the Wilds How To Look After Yourself McPheegribble

213.The Good Stranger Nick Butterworth

214.At Pre-school An Australian Board Book

215.Reptiles Brimax

216.Things To Make and Do For Halloween Gail Gibbons

217.One Winters Night Primrose Lockwood

218.One Sneaky Sheep Janey Samuel

219.Pig The star Aaron Blabey

220.Clarice Bean That’s Me Kate Greenaway Medal

221.Foam Symmetry

222.Lion Abbeville Animals

223.Hurry up, Franklin Paulete Bourgeois

224,Limle oops! Pig Toddler Book

225. Princess Petal And The Pretty Hat

226. Kate’s Swiss Adventure Karne Mezek

227. Australia Reader’s Digest

228. Australia Reader’s Digest Royal Record

229. Australia Reader’s Digest Vial Revival

230. The Human Body Cyril Bibby

231. Garden Guide Yates

232. Where’s Wag? The Wiggles

233. 1001 Horrible Facts Anne Rooney

234. The Ultimatte Dreamcatcher Manual

235. Fast-talking Dolphin Carson Davidson

236. Shots For Lower Scoring Beverly Lewis

237.Basic Chinese Lucia C. Lau

238. How are you feeling Wiggles? The Wiggels

239. Constructions Big Things To Make McPhee Gribble

240. King Midas’s Ears Stariers Legends

241. Daniel And The King Of Babylon Geoffery Butcher

242. Dinosaur Land Norma Henry Jones

243. The Fact Of Life Rene Raff

244. The Book Of Herbs Dawn Titmus

245. Look At My Mouth Anna Gill

246. I Want To Do Music Sticher Book

247. Happy Feet Sticker Book

248. Attractive Dollie Vicki Moodie

249. Crocheted Three Piece Sets Vicki Moodie

250. Pineapple Crochet Designs

251. Rain Forest Eyewonder

252. Your Peace Or Mine? Gary Mehigan

253. The Two In One Cookery Collection

254. The Double Day Cook Book

255. The Great Fort Nancy Garber

256. Farm Cow

257. Copy Cat Faces

258. Muffins, Scones and Tea Cakes Family Circle

258. Cebanese Cooking Women Weekly

259. Daily Italian Tobie Puttock

260. Curries Family Circles

261. The Low-Fat Way Family Circles

262. Kid’s Snacks And Lunches Family Circ les

263. Potato Recipes Family Circles

264. Best-ever Christmas New Gifts and Ideas Family Circles

265. Fast Kid’s Food Family Circles

266. Fast Cakes Family Circles

267. Classic Australian Puds Alice May

268. Smooth Drinks Family Circles

269. 1,2,3s Sesame Street

270. Friends Sesan\me Street

271. Nemo’s Friends

272. Baby’s First Sound shapes Chuck Murphy

273. Mix And Max Take Off

274. Sensor Recipe Book

275. Chicken Favourites Family Circles

276. Simple Chinese Cooking Kylie Kwong

277. 25 Recipes

278. Party On Family Circle

279. Picnics Woman’s Weekly

280. Low-Fat Cooking Jean Pare

281. Quick And Tasty

282. Recipe And Instruction Book Sunbeam

283. Bamix

284. Kitchen Garde And Companion Stephanie Alexander

285. Salad Family Circles

286. Cocktails And Mixed Drinks Eddie Tirado

287. Jamie Adding A Little Extra Sparkle

288. Budget Meals For Australians

289. Good And Easy Cook Book Betty Crocker

290. The Big Book Of Beautiful Biscuits Women’s Weekly

291. Lunch Food Lovers

292. Salads, Sauces And Dressings Food Lovers

293. Chinese Cook Book Weight Watchers

294. Family Cook Book Maureen McCall

295. Puddings And Desserts Denise Jannet MaCauley

296. How To Crochet

297. Crochet Patterns Ideas Yarn Inspiration Techniques

298. Breaking Point Kristen Simmons

299. The Winter Sea Di Morrissey

300. The New Tempe Brenny Best Seller Kathy Reichs

301. Good Friday Lynda La Laplante

302. Night With a Thief Marilyn Lappano

303. Mr Meddler’s Muddles Grid Blyton

304. An Collection Grid Blyton

305. Alice’s adventures In Wonderland Lewis Carroll

306. Cop Town Karin Slaughter

307. Vials Kathy Reichs

308. The Talisman Lynda La Plante

309. Simple Weather Experiments With Every Day Materials Muriel Mancell

310. Color And Sticker Disney’s Princes

311. ABC Do-To-Dot

312. The Bear And The Dragan Tom Clancy

313. The Lord Of The Rings J.R.R.Tolken

314. Clean It Fast Right Jeff Bredennberg

315. Dangerous Temptations Jay Ann Krentz

316. Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Trevor Thom

317. Shapes Rachael Hale

318. Slightly Shady Amanda Quick

319. Twilight Stephenie Meyer

320. Tiana’s Jewel Disney

321. New Zealand In Color Kenneth and Jean Bigwood

322. Sea Changers Kay Stehens

323. Eclipse Stephenie Meyer

324. Scream Tama Janowitz

325. Australia The Island and Continente in Color


For more information, please call Crossfire Op Shop, located at

Ipswich on 0431 346 296.